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Connect with Ashley     

Connect with Ashley


What is an Herbal Session Like?

Utilizing an Indigenous Healing Art method by applying pressure techniques on the bottom of your feet. There are nerve endings that are interconnected to your tissues and organs that are used as a map to communicate full body health: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. This information corresponds to all seven hormones of the body where muscle testing is used to know where your body needs to begin its process to be in balance. Next, natural herb extracts are then muscle tested uniquely for your body. Lastly, Ashley will educate you on what your body has communicated in body repairing herbs, high enzyme foods that will boost function, and the goal together is to create overall balance and peace in your mind, body, and spirit.

Herbal Session (60-75 minutes)

Additional Services:

Channeling (30 minutes)
Can be used for a pet, close relative, friend, or loved one. Ashley can support you with channeling one’s needs with color therapy, repairing herbs, and healthy foods to boost function and gain balance.

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